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Publicity Junkets

Kiriata arranges structured publicity events­ where media and key players are brought together for interviews, videos and photographs to generate publicity for the release of a film.

Sue May has organised media junkets for many film releases including:

  • MY YEAR WITH HELEN (Transmission Films/Trigger Marketing) – Director Gaylene Preston and Helen Clark NZ media interviews. Arranged Director national Q&A tour. For Gaylene Preston Productions.
  • T2: TRAINSPOTTING (Sony Pictures NZ) – Director Danny Boyle NZ media interviews.
  • POI E: STORY OF OUR SONG (Sony Pictures NZ) – Media interviews with director & subjects.
  • MT ZION (Sony Pictures NZ) – Media interviews with director & cast. Media management at premiere.
  • LIFE OF PI (20th Century Fox NZ) – Media interview with director Ang Lee in NZ .
  • STOKER (20th Century Fox NZ)  – Director Park Chan Wook NZ media interviews.
  • THE SESSIONS (20th Century Fox NZ) – Director Ben Lewin NZ media interviews.
  • 127 HOURS (20th Century Fox NZ) – inspiration Aron Ralston NZ visit
  • SUNSHINE (20th Century Fox NZ) – actor Cliff Curtis interviews at NZ premiere
  • RIVER QUEEN (20th Century Fox NZ) – press conference and junket with key cast and director. Media management at premiere.
  • BILLY T: TE MOVIE (Sony Pictures NZ) – media interviews with director Ian Mune. Media management at premiere.
  • UTU REDUX (Kiriata Distribution) – interviews with director Geoff Murphy and star Zac Wallace. Media Management at premiere.
  • THE TATTOOIST (Buena Vista NZ) – Media interviews with director Peter Burger and cast. Media management at premiere.